Hanger 18 Sweep the Leg

Hanger 18 take the listener on a tongue-twisting journey through the thesaurus. Riding high on the hipster-fuelled nerd-hop genre, they have come out with an energetic sophomore album. Sweep the Leg is typical of a genre that borrows from so many styles and sounds, over which these artists spit their abstract lyrics. MCs Tim "Alaska” Baker and Ian "Windbreeze” McMullin demonstrate their verbal dexterity over a wide array of beats, produced impressively by DJ paWL. However, it is producer Blockhead that steals the show with his production on "Feet to Feet,” as well as "The West Wing.” Hanger 18 deserve credit for their technical rhyming abilities, dexterity, flow and production on Sweep the Leg. However, the appreciation of this album can vary widely for those that place a high value on lyrical content. What to some may be an esoteric collage delivered at a rapid-fire pace may have others wondering what all the fuss is about. (Def Jux)