Hall & Oates Donate "Private Eyes" To Help Unscrew America

Hall & Oates Donate "Private Eyes" To Help Unscrew America
In a bid to save the world, or at least America's energy crisis, blue-eyed soul legends Hall & Oates have donated their 1981 hit "Private Eyes" to the new Unscrew America campaign.

Founded by An Inconvenient Truth producer Lesley Chilcott and partner Roy Spence of GSD&M Idea City, Unscrew America's goal is to convince Americans to switch their old lightbulbs to new, energy-efficient CFL and LED lights, as well as educating CFL users that the bulbs do contain mercury and need to be recycled properly.

Aside from using the Hall & Oates classic to spread the word, Unscrew America are using viral video to inform the old school, with entertaining shorts starring Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens and Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, Slither), as well as a kangaroo playing the Australian national anthem on a keytar and a very cool animated ad showing how energy-guzzling regular bulbs can get you eaten by a ravenous horde of zombies.


Kangaroo + keytar = Australian national anthem

Hall & Oates "Private Eyes"