Gucci Mane Released From Prison

Gucci Mane Released From Prison
We knew this day was coming and now it's finally here: Gucci Mane is a free man once again. Early this morning (May 12), the Atlanta, GA rapper was released from Georgia's Fulton County Jail after serving about seven months of a one-year sentence for probation violation.

As MTV reports, after shedding the orange jumpsuit, Gucci was ready to address the media with the following statement:

I have made some mistakes in my life that have hurt a lot of people who care about me. I have worked very hard to get past them, but those mistakes have brought me to where I am today, and they will not be repeated.

These past six months have been a difficult time, but fortunately I have learned a great deal from my experience. I was able to do a great deal of soul searching; I am coming out with a new attitude towards life. Unfortunately, my incarceration also came at a pivotal point in my career, just as my first major-label album was dropping. I was forced to miss what should have been one of the proudest moments of my life. This is something that I will make sure never happens again. My time in jail was trying, but I grew from it and am now a stronger and better person. I want to continue on a positive track and truly focus on being a role model to my fans and my community. I am looking towards the future with a newfound respect and appreciation for the law and a strong dedication to my music and my career.

As previously reported, Gucci has a lot of plans in the works. He aims to launch his new label, 1017 Brick Squad, with some help from Asylum and Warner. Besides Gucci's material, the imprint will serve as home for Wacka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman and Bricksquad, a collaboration between all three.

And Gucci has two albums on the horizon: The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal and The State vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict, both of which are due out later this year.

Gucci's first moments after his prison release: