Gucci Mane The Return of East Atlanta Santa

Gucci ManeThe Return of East Atlanta Santa
The Return of East Atlanta Santa isn't a bad album, per se — it's just staggeringly indifferent. It's the sort of mixtape you put on and then say to yourself "Oh, is this still on?" It's trap wallpaper, the most gangster-ish shade of beige ever.
You can tell it's a boring album because Gucci Mane sounds bored. Gucci's never been lyrical, but on TREAS, he's not even interesting. The three songs with guest verses — "Both" featuring Drake, "Drove U Crazy" featuring Bryson Tiller and "Last Time" featuring Travis Scott — are the most interesting songs on the album, as if Gucci shook himself to life because company came over. "Both" is particularly fun, as it finds Gucci at his weird, vulgar best and Drake just cracking wise.
If the whole album were like that, it would be amazing. Instead, it comes in flashes, and then it's back to a sort of dull, flat affect. They can't all be winners, I guess. (Atlantic)