Gucci Mane "Mouth Full of Golds" (ft. Birdman) (Video)

Gucci Mane 'Mouth Full of Golds' (ft. Birdman) (Video)
Though Gucci Mane dropped this ode to iced-out grills last month, we're happy to announce that dude has just made a video for the dental hygiene ditty. Truthfully, things start up a little slow on "Mouth Full of Golds," as Mane just shuffles back and forth in front of some basic backdrops (an all-white room in one, a row of bright lights backing him in another), but following some shots of a couple of dancing cuties, the clip gets outright ridiculous.

By the time the chorus hits, the video showcases a sequence of fiery explosions. Gucci's red hoodie is emblazoned with the word "Brrr," but we're betting it got pretty hot on set.

While pointing his finger at the camera, Birdman's digits start dispensing bullets. He's dishing the dirt on his platinum chompers, but shouldn't he be more fascinated with how his hand just turned into a lethal weapon? As if it were a John Woo flick, a flock of doves burst out from behind the rapper.

Grade A ridiculousness. But could you expect anything less?