Grimes Delivers New Album Update and Hates on Her Past Work

Grimes Delivers New Album Update and Hates on Her Past Work
Grimes has been known to be critical of her own work, as she scrapped a heap of material while making her new album. Now, she has shed some rather surprising light on her back catalogue, admitting that she dislikes her beloved Visions single "Oblivion." On the plus side, Grimes has also given us a better idea on what to expect from her forthcoming new album. 

While discussing her recent loosie "REALiTi," which she had previously scrapped from her new album, she told Entertainment Weekly, "I hate 'Oblivion' too... I always hate the songs that are the singles."

Although it's kind of a bummer to learn that Grimes doesn't like one of her most loved songs, there's a silver lining to all this: the reaction to "REALiTi" has been so overwhelmingly positive that she might put it on her album after all.

"By popular demand, I did try to remake 'REALiTi' and it is really good now," she said. "I'm considering putting it on the record. I had to reproduce it for the live show anyway. I don't like 'REALiTi,' but everybody else does. I may put it on by popular demand, I don't know."

As for why she didn't like "REALiTi," she described it as "lazy," saying that it was written in 20 minutes.

Beyond that, Grimes discussed playing violin on the new album, saying that she was "really bad" at the instrument and that all her playing was looped and doctored. She attempted to rap in the fictional language of Dothraki from Games of Thrones although that experiment "didn't work," and there are "a bunch [of songs] from the perspective of a vampire mobster character." She speculated that the album is finished, although this decision doesn't seem to be set in stone.

So when will we finally hear this long-in-the-works album? Grimes reiterated her plan to drop it this fall with little notice.

For now, listen to "REALiTi" below.