Grant Hart Returns with 'The Argument' Double Album

Grant Hart Returns with 'The Argument' Double Album
Having last left us with his 2009 solo set Hot Wax, former Hüsker Dü drummer Grant Hart is finally ready to hit back in a major way. The alt-rock figure will deliver a double album called The Argument on July 22 through Domino.

According to a press release, Hart's latest is an epic based upon John Milton's Paradise Lost, and the songwriter allegedly "distills its essence into pop and rock concoctions" that bring to mind David Bowie, Irving Berlin and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Hüsker Dü.

Lyrically, The Argument apparently doesn't quote directly from Milton and is likewise inspired by of William S. Burroughs' unpublished manuscript Lost Paradise, but Hart stuck to the original 10-syllable structure of Milton's epic poem.

Autoharp- and horn-driven rocker "Is the Sky the Limit?" is described as "a melancholy song of the aftermath of rejection," while the classic "Peggy Sue" shuffle of "Letting Me Out" outlines the netherworld wheelings and dealings of Lucifer. You can stream both songs down below.

Hart will undergo an extensive tour cycle behind The Argument, with the press release hinting that it could be a "conceptual production," though North American dates have yet to be revealed. Hart and his band the Burn/Burning do, however, have some shows in the UK that start up at the end of the month. You can see the details here .

The Argument:

1. Out Of Chaos
2. Morningstar

3. Awake, Arise!

4. If We Have The Will

5. I Will Never See My Home
6. I Am Death

7. Sin

8. Letting Me Out
9. Is The Sky The Limit?

10. Golden Chain

11. So Far From Heaven

12. Shine, Shine, Shine

13. It Isn't Love

14. War In Heaven

15. Glorious 

16. (It Was A) Most Disturbing Dream
17. Underneath The Apple Tree

18. The Argument 

19. Run For The Wilderness
20. For Those Too High Aspiring