Grant Hart 'The Argument' (album stream)

Grant Hart'The Argument' (album stream)
Grant Hart, like his onetime Hüsker Dü cohort Bob Mould, has gone on to have a productive solo career, first with Nova Mob and then releasing albums on his own. His latest album is called The Argument, and it's slated to drop on July 22 through Domino, but why until then? The entire double-LP is available to stream on starting today.

The ambitious 20-song collection was inspired by John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost. Interestingly, the project draws from an unpublished sci-fi manuscript by William S. Burroughs called Lost Paradise, which adapts the story's fallen angels as men from other planets and portrays U.S. president Harry Truman as God.

The double album is split into light and dark halves, with a press release pointing to sonic touchstones like David Bowie, Irving Berlin and — surprise, surprise — Hüsker Dü. It includes excursions like the trippy theatrics of "Awake Arise," the quirky waltz "If We Have the Will," and the rock-oriented "War in Heaven."

Listen to the sprawling, eclectic The Argument below.