Governor Bolts A Crooked Mile

Back in 1999, a London, ON, freestyle slut and a Truro, NS, producer/DJ joined forces in Toronto to release Canada's equivalent of Dr Octagon. Unfortunately, A Crooked Mile only had a short run on cassette, followed by a vinyl EP of selected songs (released on Four Ways to Rock as A Crooked EP). Although it was unlikely the cassette's original faux-CBS cover could be topped, the new artwork is not only pleasing to the eye but it also foreshadows the music inside. When Paul the Apostle isn't prophesying MC Armageddon ("Canadian Werewolf in Wonderland") or preaching against preachers ("Re-inVaticanstated" and "The Church"), he's narrating stories and playing different characters, such as a cat in "Domesticated Manimal," or even the "Superhuman's Lovechild." But the persona Paul most often channels (and to great success) is maniacal sex fiend and self-proclaimed "Mayor of the World" Governor Bolts, from whom the group derives its name. Bolts is the crowd pleaser, beginning his indiscretions with a mannequin on "Enter Governor Bolts" and later attempts to "impregnate your printer" with Canada's other abstract lover, Uncle Climax (aka Buck 65), when they're "Making Love to Your Diskdrive." Plus, A Crooked Mile is DJ Moves' crowning achievement thus far. The beats are dark, left-of-centre party jams that don't conform to convention but are downright infectious, nonetheless. Like always, the beats DJ Moves pulls out of his sampler challenge the MCs while perfectly suiting them, whether it's the hectic nightmare sounds of "Trolls," featuring Mindbender and Kotep Omegatron, the cello and raw suspense of "Superhuman's Lovechild" or the tongue twisting tweak of "Overseeing." And there's no time to get bored, as DJ Moves frequently changes up the sounds, which he does with great success on opening song "A Canadian Werewolf in Wonderland." Combined, DJ Moves and Paul the Apostle have surely created a classic album that will give years of entertainment. I can't emphasise enough how much everyone should own a copy of A Crooked Mile. (Low Pressure)