​Gorillaz Unveil Video for 2-D Solo Track "Sleeping Powder"

​Gorillaz Unveil Video for 2-D Solo Track "Sleeping Powder"
Gorillaz just released their latest album Humanz, but the Damon Albarn-led virtual band have already followed it up with some new material.
A new non-album cut called "Sleeping Powder" has arrived, and it's actually billed as a solo track from the band's animated frontman, 2-D.
The clip opens with the age-old "this is your brain on drugs" fried egg allegory, before taking us into what definitely looks like a drug-induced vision of 2-D seated at home at his piano. As the song picks up, 2-D ditches the living room setting for a globetrotting adventure through found and animated footage.
As previously reported, Gorillaz will perform at their very own Demon Dayz festival this Saturday (June 10), and you can get all the information about how to stream it over here. You can also find the band's upcoming tour dates here.
Right now, though, check out 2-D's solo debut by watching the clip for "Sleeping Powder" down below.