Gorilla Biscuits Frontman Suggests 'All Lives Matter' Onstage

Gorilla Biscuits Frontman Suggests 'All Lives Matter' Onstage
Certain strains of hardcore are inherently defined by their preachy frontmen, who treat the stage like a pulpit and use the feedback-drenched spots between songs to launch into impassioned sermons. Sometimes, however, these can backfire. Following in the footsteps of Chokehold and, more recently, the Tenors, legendary youth crew act Gorilla Biscuits got the pit in a tizzy when they said some questionable things about the Black Lives Matter movement.

At Philadelphia's This Is Hardcore fest, Biscuits frontman Anthony "Civ" Civarelli discounted BLM as a media movement, instead offering the eye-rollingly obvious suggestion that all lives matter.

Here's what he said:

In 2016 people still have to wear shirts that say 'Black Lives Matter'. No shit. Brown, white, yellow, black, we all fucking matter. Everybody here matters. Do not let the media, schools, institutions, influence you. We are one family, one people.

Naturally, the statement did not sit well with too many attendees at This Is Hardcore fest. During a set from the recently reunited Turning Point, 108 frontman Rob Fish delivered a sermon of his own about subtle racism that attempts to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watch his impassioned speech below, where you'll also find the questionable Gorilla Biscuits video.