Gold Chains Loses Apartment and Home Studio in Massive Fire

Gold Chains Loses Apartment and Home Studio in Massive Fire
A massive building fire in San Francisco's Mission District earlier this week has left San Francisco producer Gold Chains (a.k.a. Topher Lafata) homeless.

ABC reports that the blaze broke out early Wednesday evening (January 28), with the three-storey building's roof having collapsed around 10 p.m. local time. Despite rescue efforts from the local fire department, one man died on the scene, while six others were injured and taken to hospital.

Lafata wasn't in the building when the fire erupted and destroyed his home. He had lived in the apartment for 18 years, having used the spot as a home studio for Gold Chains recordings and other projects. Sadly, Lafata's cat Oum died in the fire, while various recordings and studio equipment were lost as well.
A crowdsourcing project has been set up via GoFundMe to help Gold Chains rebuild in this time of need.

"He is left with nothing more than the clothes he wore to work yesterday, as the apartment was already up in flames by the time he was returning home," project founder Emily Betty Ehrlich said in a statement, adding of the damage, "All the synths, the hard drives, instruments, not to mention all the memories and good times had there for many... all gone."

So far, fans have chipped in close to $9,000 to help Lafata out. You'll find more info on the fundraiser here.