Godstopper "Shoulder"

Godstopper 'Shoulder'
This shouldn't work: combining a pop sheen with noise rock (and its titular purpose of excess noise) and doom metal, whose low-end is far from the bass that drives the radio waves. And yet, as Toronto's Godstopper grow, so too does their flirtation with overtly catchy melodies, and Exclaim! has the exclusive first taste of their increasingly infectious sound, via "Shoulder."
The track, from the forthcoming Who Tries Anymore EP, opens with a perplexing progressive cycle around the fretboard before crunchy, rhythmic chords are contrasted by soothing vocals and heavy metal guitar harmonies. It demands head bobs and encourages head banging, finding a healthy medium for less strenuous neckercise.
The Mike Simpson-led project will release Who Tries Anymore this summer, alongside a physical release of their previously download-only Lie Down LP (with the The Children Are the Future EP as bonus tracks). A record release show will happen sometime in July, though an exact date and venue have yet to be secured.

For now, listen to "Shoulder" below.