Godstopper 'What Matters'

Godstopper'What Matters'
Toronto doom/noise rock unit Godstopper recently released their latest album What Matters digitally, as well as via cassette, and it's available for download now.

What Matters was recorded and mixed by Collin Young at BTown Sound Studios and Streetsville Sound Studios, and was mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios. The nine-track record features more of Godstopper's doomy, dissonant noise rock, which also includes elements of sludge and is reminiscent of the Melvins at times. Beautiful melodies and catchy hooks are also prevalent, particularly on the Pixies-esque "Clean House."

Download What Matters for free or a pay-what-you-can price at Godstopper's Bandcamp page. You can also stream it below.