G.G. Allin & ANTiSEEN Murder Junkies

Following in the footsteps of ANTiSEEN’s dolled-up and retreated catalogue, it’s no surprise that Murder Junkies is clearly the best reissue of G.G. Allin material to date. Not only repackaged, but with five extra songs, this venomous slice of punk/metal is a wonderfully anti-PC addition to the limited Allin collection. Despite the limited constraints of the original tapes, it sounds better, looks better and reminds us of just how low punk rock can get. As an album, Murder Junkies marks the point where Allin altered his agenda from songs about self-fornication to more outward and social victims; where he realised that his hatred of humanity could bend ears more than any juvenile rant about copulation ever could. Clearly Allin’s most vitriolic work (which says a lot), songs such as "Murder for the Mission,” "Violence Now” and "I Hate People” hold the same degree of shock value, anger and borderline ridiculousness that they did over 15 years ago. Furthermore, it is pretty much his last actually rockin’ effort before he stumbled into the world of cacophony and pointless noise… noise for the sake of noise? Hot, sweaty and aggressive, these songs veer more towards the frontward assault of heavy metal but still keep one foot firmly planted in gritty hard rock riffing and confrontational punk rock attitude. (TKO)