Get Fresh Cuts from Wugazi, Sloan, the Weeknd and Wilco in Our Click Hear Roundup

Get Fresh Cuts from Wugazi, Sloan, the Weeknd and Wilco in Our Click Hear Roundup
Many people have returned home from an epic Canada Day long weekend faced with the prospect of getting back to work and into the same old routine. No need to get too bummed out though, because in the Exclaim! Click Hear section we have a choice selection of songs, videos and album streams to keep you feeling like you're still on holiday. Here are some highlights of what you will find.

To start off, we have the latest sample of Doomtree's new project, Wugazi. "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" is the first of many of the project's mash-ups of classic punk tracks by Fugazi and raps by Wu-Tang Clan. And if you're looking for more remixed tunes, we also have the Weeknd's take on Drake's newest leak, "Trust Issues." As if anticipation for Drake's upcoming album, Take Care, wasn't already bubbling over, this reinterpretation will send you into a fervour.

Now, for all of you Wilco fans, you may have heard about the new limited-edition single, "I Might"/"I Love My Label." Initially only sold at the band's Solid Sound Festival, the single and its B-side have managed to find their way online. Head on over, have yourself a listen and feel a little less upset about missing the killer fest in North Adams, MA.

We also have a few visual treats for you, including a live performance from Sloan, where they cover the 1979 Gary Numan hit "Cars." We also have the new video from Eminem for new single "Space Bound." Featuring classic shots of Em brooding in the rain and a starring role from Sasha Grey, you'll definitely want to check this clip out.

Last but certainly not least, in anticipation of its Tuesday (July 5) release is a full album stream of the upcoming Player Piano from Memory Tapes. Check out the psychedelic, keyboard-based vibe and see whether frontman Dayve Hawk's signature hazy tone remains.

So be sure to check out all these streams, downloads and videos, as well as much more, in our Click Hear section.