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Galaxius MonsGMO
On GMO, Galaxius Mons (Matt LeGroulx of EXPWY and Ian Jarvis of Chairs) continue the interstellar sound established on their 2013 debut, but with more variety. A slew of guest vocalists contribute to their Moog-centric retro synth pop this time around.

Montrealers know how to weather wicked winters best, and this at-times-cutesy, overall low-key, warm release feels like Galaxius Mons' consolation for listeners during the frigid months ahead. The duo juxtapose positive upbeat music with tranquilized vocals, creating an off-beat Montreal indie pop sound exemplified by the dreamy, pixelated opener, "Outweigh the Pillared Masts." The grooviness, breakbeat and robo inflections on "Controller Down," the album's funky single, bring Daft Punk's Random Access Memories to mind, while the lilt and lyrics of "You Are (My Lucky Star)" and "Halo of Moons" have a bit of an Of Montreal feel.

Highlights include "Firestorm," with its stiff rap over irresistible dance beat, and the galloping triumphant finale "Hold on (Don't Stop)." The Mons men's harmonious vocals prove to be the cosiest fit with their music, mustering hope amidst the album's post-apocalyptic future. (Independent)
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