G-Eazy "Sad Boy" (video)

G-Eazy 'Sad Boy' (video)
"Gerald, what you so sad for? Why you got the blues? Everybody wanna be in your shoes" — this line from G-Eazy's "Sad Boys" single sets up a fame-questioning narrative for the young rapper, and a new animated video has now been released to further explore his mood.

Featuring illustrations from Joonbug and animation by Applebutter Animated, the black and white cartoon finds a mopey G-Eazy making his way through life with a frown on his face. This, of course, is even after he's made a name for himself in the rap world, leaving friends to scratch their heads.

Here, he discusses a few issues he has with going from "overlooked to over booked," while reconciling with the fact that making it big was his dream.

You'll find the glum animated clip for the When It's Dark Out single down below.