Free Kitten Reunite

Free Kitten Reunite
In efforts to remind everyone they were one of the first real "animal bands,” Free Kitten have announced their return. The art-damaged rock outfit featuring Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Boredoms’ Yoshimi P-We, and Julie Cafritz of Pussy Galore will be releasing their first album in more than a decade. The group’s third proper full-length, entitled Inherit, will hit May 20 via Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label. Umm… can you say nepotism?

And while this is good news for Free Kitten fans and for all the aged hipsters who fell in love with the band back in the distant ’90s, past member Mark Ibold is no longer involved with the project. Guesses are he will fast at work planning that widely rumoured but likely never going to happen Pavement reunion.

Also, as previously reported, if you are looking for another Sonic Youth-related fix, you can get set for the grungesters’ very own art show that will be travelling the world over the next couple years. Or you can place your order for the seventh installment in Sonic Youth's series of experimental, and often rather challenging, SYR series via the band’s site. SYR 7 comes April 22 in a limited-edition vinyl-only release with two sides filled chalked full of music only a true fan could love. Here is Inherit ’s tracklisting:

1 Erected Girl
2 Surf's Up
3 Sea Sick
4 Free Kitten on the Mountain
5 Roughshod
6 Help Me
7 The Poet
8 Billboard
9 Bananas
10 Monster Eye
11 Sway

Free Kitten "Strawberry Milk”