Franz Ferdinand Part Ways with Guitarist Nick McCarthy

Franz Ferdinand Part Ways with Guitarist Nick McCarthy
You can take Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy out of the picture, at least for the time being. Following a 14-year run, countless tours and several full-length recordings, the musician has announced he's left the Scottish rock group to focus on his family and outside projects.

News of McCarthy's departure was revealed in a joint statement, where the band noted that the six-stringer "will not be taking part in the recording or touring of the next Franz Ferdinand album." It's added that the group would need more of a commitment from McCarthy than he'd be able to give at present, and that McCarthy does not want to be away from his "young family" for long periods of time.

Despite his departure, it's added that "this is not necessarily a permanent situation," and that the act are also excited to hear any projects McCarthy gets up to without them back at home.

For his part, McCarthy thanked the fans, and then added that he'll be concentrating on other projects for the time being. He added that he, too, looks forward to hearing the next full-length from Franz Ferdinand.

You'll find both statements in full down below.

McCarthy helped found Franz Ferdinand in 2002. He recorded four proper full-lengths with the Glaswegian dance rock group, from 2004's attention-yielding self-titled debut up to 2013's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. His last project with the group, however, was last year's FFS collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks.