Frankie Rose "Know Me" (video)

Frankie Rose 'Know Me' (video)
Frankie Rose has been repping her sophomore set Interstellar since the beginning of the year, and the next cog in the New York dream pop artist's promotion cycle is a political sci-fi-styled video for album track "Know Me."

While the track gels on playful drumpad beats and gorgeous, ethereal coos, the clip conjures up images of a decidedly retro-futurist-looking dystopian party scene. Though a group of nu-ro rejects all sporting the same kind of clunky goggles wait in line at some exclusive club, Rose manages to jump the queue quickly.

Inside, a bunch of drones hover around tables featuring some tiny neon pyramids, but the musician winds up in some secret mind control room. After removing her glasses and staring into a camera's eye, all the sinister gadgetry goes haywire. You can find out exactly how Rose saves the day down below.