Forty Fives Fight Dirty

This latest full-length boasts more of the same organ-driven high-energy garage rock that fans of Atlanta's Forty-Fives have come to expect. Despite the fact that exactly no one expects any major deviation from the quartet's gritty but melodic '60s-inspired routine, there are a couple of moments here when the band steps out from behind its Rickenbackers. When that does happen (like on songs such as "Follow Me Down" and "Midnight Creep") the changeup moves proceedings in a decidedly Southern rock direction. Otherwise, with the exception of a couple of tracks complex and lengthy enough to be considered garage rock epics, Fight Dirty is par for the Forty-Fives' course, which is to say pretty darned swell. Still, the band would probably have to experience some sort of divine intervention in order to better its stellar, not-to-be-missed live show. (Yep Roc)