Former Belle and Sebastian Bassist Stuart David Penning Memoirs

Former Belle and Sebastian Bassist Stuart David Penning Memoirs
Following news that twee pop group Belle and Sebastian will be delivering a career-reviewing vinyl reissue series in the fall, founding bassist Stuart David has unveiled plans to release a book detailing the group's early days.

First announced on David's blog in the spring, his In The All Night Café: A Memoir of Belle and Sebastian's Formative Year is now set to arrive February 2015 through publishing house Little, Brown and Company. Named after the reported formation of Belle and Sebastian at a Glaswegian coffee shop in the mid '90s, the book will cover the period between winter 1994 to spring 1996, capping with the release of the group's debut LP, Tigermilk. The memoirs will also cover David and vocalist Stuart Murdoch's time in previous outfits Rhode Island and Lisa Helps The Blind.

"The book begins with the moment I decided to learn bass," David had previously revealed on his blog. "I'd already been writing songs and leading bands for ten years before that, but my current band had been looking for a bass player for months without success, and it suddenly occurred to me that I could learn bass and give up guitar, because guitarists were much easier to find."

According to the author, he began writing the book in September of 2012 before getting in touch with Little, Brown and Company. He explained, "I'd been keeping a folder on my shelves called 'Tigermilk' of things that had never been documented… I thought one day it might make a book."

The tome reportedly originally weighed in at 55,000 words, coming in shorter than the publishing house's request for 70,000, though David noted in May that "the process of fixing up what needs to be fixed has begun in earnest."

Prior to his departure from Belle and Sebastian in 2000, David had formed the indie-pop outfit Looper. The project is reportedly putting work into a new LP, marking their first full-length since 2002's The Snare.

While In The All Night Café will be his first non-fiction book, he had previously published the novels Nalda Said and The Peacock Manifesto in 1999 and 2001, respectively, and delivered A Peacock's Tail in 2011 through the Barcelona Review.

As for Belle and Sebastian's upcoming 10-album reissue series It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career, the remastered records arrive October 7, courtesy of Matador Records, Jeepster and Rough Trade.