Forest of Shadows Six Waves of Woe

When Sweden's Forest of Shadows cite Katatonia, Rapture and Cult of Luna as musical influences it comes as no great surprise, at least not after more than a few minutes of listening. Like many melodic doom albums, Six Waves of Woe describes itself well. Though the aptness of the record's title takes a while to emerge, eventually the slow, insistent momentum knits waves and woe together into an evocatively gloomy picture. At first it seems like Forest of Shadows could be aimed toward a post-rock anywhere but gradually ambient outlines get filled in with heavier, darker strokes. Mournful, undistorted vocals give way to growled laments, electronic tones sink beneath thick, dirge-y riffs and the album's funereal pace slips briefly into a driving pulse. Forest of Shadows may have little official output to show for more than ten years of work but Niclas Frohagen has used his time well, turning a revolving door project into a solid solo venture and transforming the promise of potential into the delivery of expert execution. (Firebox)