Flying Lotus Until The Quiet Comes

Flying LotusUntil The Quiet Comes
"Putty Boy Strut" aside, Until The Quiet Comes retreats somewhat from the densely packed, ADHD, computer-game glitch of Cosmogramma and the Pattern+Grid World EP. Flying Lotus's fourth album proper stands out from his 2010 releases by virtue of its masterful use of space and its mellower, jazzier mood. Having grown up under the influence of spiritual jazz giant, and aunt, Alice Coltrane, Until The Quiet Comes demonstrates a deeper, more spiritual side without bordering on pretension for even a second. Until The Quiet Comes features several guests, including previous collaborators Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, Laura Darlington (the wife of friend and champion Daedelus) and Brainfeeder colleague and bassist Thundercat. Badu's contribution on "See Thru To U" is one of only a couple instances where the guest vocals come to the forefront, with the others used as subtle textures. Despite having 18 short tracks, the album isn't at all choppy, flowing seamlessly from beginning to end. Until The Quiet Comes sees Flying Lotus looking into himself and maturing in an undeniably honest manner, employing more organic tropes in his digital mix, coupled with a keen ear for detail. This is one of the most rewarding and beautiful albums of the year. (Warp)