Flux A.D. Transatlanticthoughts

For their third full-length disc, this Canadian conglomerate of pro musicianship formulate a high concentration of extremely sweet power pop that heats up the wires and components within your stereo to the point where insulin should come with every copy. The density of such numbers as "Snapshot" and "Record Spins" have a classic old school positive element to them,. Keyboardist Graham Walsh adds the futuristic tone with his grinding electrical keyboards, and veteran guitarist Bill Majoros drives this musical force with guitar work that is coloured with psychedelic progressive and punk rock fury tones that compliment the harmonies of singer Julie MacDonald. However it seems that the atmospheric and longing transcendent songs are what they weave best; "Optic Nerve" and "Feel Like Rain" are worthy of being played alongside the likes of Radiohead. They are the missing link to what is palatable about indie music with the presence and powerful epic commercial productions. Take notice and take flight. (Independent)