First Rate People "Dark Age"

First Rate People 'Dark Age'
Ontario pop sextet First Rate People came onto our radar a few years ago, and they're still going strong. Now, they are building anticipation for their forthcoming debut LP with the single "Dark Age."

The epic six-minute track begins with atmospheric echoes before the arrangement swells with twinkly synths and bouncy electro-pop rhythms. The groove then melts away and the track unexpectedly turns into an acoustic campfire singalong in the final couple of minutes.

Keep your eyes peeled for First Rate People's debut album, which was recorded in 2012 and, according to a press release, "demonstrates the band's newfound confidence, reflecting all the emotional upheaval and maturity that comes with one's mid-20s."

For now, listen to "Dark Age" below. You can also purchase the track over on iTunes.