Fin Fang Foom Texture, Structure and the Condition of Moods

Yeah, the album title is a bit goofy for a yelp-y post-whatever punk rock outfit. And those are each band member's middle initials listed on the line-up notes on the back of the record. And maybe the piano and flute bits don't quite flesh out the more pensive parts of some of the songs in quite the way they were meant to. However, when these guys get down to business, as on such riff-laden mindbenders as "The Fool and the Feign" or "At Age 23," these faults somehow become forgivable and your mind can instead wander to more important subjects. Subjects such wondering whether you're totally out to lunch for thinking that Swervedriver, of all bands, somehow figures into the mix as an unlikely and occasional influence on this group. (Lovitt)