Faust j US t

Faustj US t
Billed as one of the pioneering groups in what would come to be known as Krautrock, Faust have long been celebrated for their undying innovation as well as their ability to create durable collaborations. On their 11th full-length, founding members Jean-Hervé Péron and Zappi Diermaier have released their ultimate collaboration, j US t. Laying down a dozen (mostly) instrumentals, j US t is an album intended for the listener to use as basic tracks and samples to create their own versions.

While the average listener might expect j US t to come off as some sort of Krautrock-ian Ultimate Beats and Breaks, the 12 songs included come off as fully formed tracks, complete with building instrumental passages (thanks to Péron's unusual instrumentation), melodic interludes (featuring Diermaier's tribal drumming) and avant-garde crescendos. As an experiment in open source sharing, j US t misses the mark; instead, Faust have left the listener with an oddly listenable LP. (Bureau B)