Fat Worm of Error Pregnant Babies Pregnant with Pregnant Babies

Fat Worm of Error are a band who are definitely intent on pushing songwriting and structure as far beyond the 21st century as imaginable. Featuring an ex-member of Deerhoof, Fat Worm of Error compose songs so loose in their constructs they could pass off as random chaos to uninitiated ears, but once you’ve seen them live you understand — these are songs they’re playing here. Hard to believe when you’re listening to Pregnant Babies, as the arrangements intensify and release like an accordion with a mind of its own, but once Fat Worm break into one of their impossibly complex and weirdly humorous tunes, like "Red Melting Plastic Box,” you know they aren’t totally just messing around. For starters you can imagine influences like Captain Beefheart, Smegma and Caroliner making their way into Fat Worm mix-tape territory, but they are truly a band who are doing it their own way and creating a thick chaos of experimental sub-pop from whence new ideas can’t help but spring. This is about as challenging as pop deconstruction can get, but it will bring many pleasures to those who are willing to give it a chance. (Load)