The Fat Boys Return!

The Fat Boys Return!
Brace yourself old school hip-hoppers: the Fat Boys are back. After calling it a day in 1991, the roly-poly rhyme-makers have announced their return to the music world, and what's more, they're out to enlist a new member.

To refresh your memories, the Fat Boys originally formed back in '82 and became one of hip-hop's first mainstream success stories, collaborating with everyone from the Beach Boys to Chubby Checker to even Freddy Krueger. They also landed a high-profile spot in 1985 flick Krush Groove and, at the height of their fame two years later, lent their carefree rhymes and jokey antics to the hit comedy Disorderlies. And as you may remember, the Fat Boys began as a trio, featuring Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski, and beatbox champ Buffy, aka Buff Love, who passed away in 1995 of a heart attack.

However, now that the group's two surviving members have been coaxed out of retirement, they don't plan to carry on a duo. Instead, the now slimmer, older Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-Ski are looking for a fresh, new beatboxer to fill Buffy's oversized shoes via an upcoming nationally televised TV show. In fact, right now at the Fat Boys newly erected at, you can enter to audition here.

And to finally answer the question that's been in the back of your mind: Are the Fat Boys still fat? Well, not really. But as Louis Gregory of Uncle Louie Management told, they may not be as large, but they are still in charge. "These hip-hop heavyweights are slim and trim but their flow and delivery are fatter than ever. With [producer] J-Love on board, the production will be tighter than Adidas jumpsuits in 1984."

If you like, the Fat Boys have some new recordings up on their website you can practise beatboxing to. But be warned wannabe beatboxers, here's what you're up against: