Fan Dies at Warped Tour Stop

Fan Dies at Warped Tour Stop
Tragedy has befallen both the family of a Wichita, KS man, as well as travelling summer festival Warped Tour. During the show's August 2 date at Bonner Springs, KS, a 26-year-old attendee died after being taken by ambulance to a nearby medical centre.

At present, specifics about the cause of death are few and far between, causing a great deal of conjecture. Much of that speculation revolves around hearsay about the man (Curtis Alan DeForest) suffering from dehydration, opinions that rely heavily on a tweet by Bridge Nine, wherein the indie label states:

"It's over 100 degrees out here and the venue is making kids pay $10 for a bottle of water. #ripoff #bullshit."

In response to both the death and the issue of attendee safety, tour officials were quick to issue the following statement via their own Twitter account:

"There is no confirmation this was due to dehydration, cardiac, other substances, etc. We do provide first aid to anyone who needs it. If this was due to dehydration, the tour is not responsible for water prices and we change venue rules to allow you to bring it in with you. What's happened today is an unforeseeable tragedy that shouldn't have happened. We are all upset and shocked and our hearts are heavy. Please remember to be responsible when you are at an event like this. At ANY possible sign of a problem, PLEASE contact a venue member."

Warped organizers have offered condolences to the family and are currently working in conjunction with area law enforcement/medical examiners to discover the exact cause of death. They promise to release more details as they come to light.

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