Fake Shark Real Zombie "Perfume" (video)

Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Perfume' (video)
Eccentric Vancouver pop outfit Fake Shark Real Zombie have a soft spot for '90s music videos, and this comes across in the Emma Higgins-directed clip for "Perfume" from this year's Liar.

The song is a brash pop number, while the garishly colourful videos shows the band cross-dressing and portraying a kooky and dysfunctional family. There's even a Juggalo for good measure. Much of the video was shot with a fisheye camera lens, which really drives home the '90s vibe.

Frontman Kevvy Mental explained in a statement, "It was our and Emma's love of '90s alternative music videos that birthed the concept for 'Perfume.' We were inspired by directors Anton Corbijn and also Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers. We took the self indulgent concept of the lyrics and applied to a family of characters obsessed with media."

Watch it for yourself below.