Fake Shark Real Zombie "Paint It Gold" on Exclaim! TV

Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Paint It Gold' on Exclaim! TV
In February, Vancouver's Fake Shark Real Zombie released their 2010 followup Liar. While they've busy promoting the new album, we invited them to get weird with us while they were in town for CMW.

Earlier this month Fake Shark released a video for their remix of Liar's "Paint It Gold", but when we sat down with them, the guys gave us an acoustic look at the beat heavy original. Just because we caught a more subdued look at FSRZ, don't think for a second that they're lacking any of that Fake Shark energy we've grown to know and love.

Fake Shark Real Zombie rarely do acoustic sets so make sure you scroll down to watch them perform "Paint It Gold" live on Exclaim! TV.

Filmed and Edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Joel Dalton