Fake MF Doom Performs at Rock The Bells

Fake MF Doom Performs at Rock The Bells
With the release of the long-awaited Ghostface Killah collaboration, Swift and Changeable, on the shelf, and no sign of Madvillainy 2 yet, masked rapper MF Doom has upped the mystery quotient about his whereabouts in recent years.

To make matters worse, there have been multiple sightings of fake MF Dooms at live shows. Close to one year ago, the Village Voice was rife with speculation when a New York area show had an appearance from what seemed to be a fake Doom. A fan told the paper, "I went up to the sound guy about two songs deep and said, 'No one can hear Doom's mic.' He looked at me and said straight-up, 'I know. His mic's not on, and that's not MF Doom."

Now, at the recent San Bernardino stop of the Rock The Bells tour, the rumour mill keeps turning. Supposedly, MF Doom (a masked rapper) took the stage and appeared to lip-sync some tracks before angry fans screamed "Bullshit!” and threw things, prompting the performer to leave the stage.

The mystery of the real MF Doom’s whereabouts continues.

Alleged MF Doom performance at San Bernardino