Extreme Noise Terror Vocalist Phil Vane Dies at 46

Extreme Noise Terror Vocalist Phil Vane Dies at 46
Iconic crust singer Phil Vane has died at the age of 46. The vocalist, most well known for his work with English crust/grindcore pioneers Extreme Noise Terror, passed away last Thursday (February 17) of unknown causes. It is believed, however, that Vane died in his sleep.

A short note from the rest of the group has since been posted on their website:

The rumors are true. We're sorry to announce that Phil passed away recently. The band will make a full statement soon but for now we need to take the time to come to terms with this terrible loss.

Extreme Noise Terror paved the way for future grind acts with their brutal blend of blitzkrieg drum beats, vicious high-octane guitar riffs and the group's patented double frontman approach, of which Vane and co-vocalist Dean Jones provided a guttural, gargled back and forth.

While Vane helped form the band in the mid-'80s, he briefly quit the group to front fellow grinders Napalm Death in 1996. Oddly enough, Napalm grunter Barney Greenway swapped places with Vane and joined Extreme Noise Terror. The experiment was short-lived, and Vane rejoined ENT in 1997.

Vane was still active with the band at the time of his death. It's unclear what the surviving members of Extreme Noise Terror's plans are following this tragic loss.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the heads-up.