Exclaim!'s Best of 2012: An Analysis of the Year in Groove

Exclaim!'s Best of 2012:An Analysis of the Year in Groove
Our Exclaim! Best of 2012 lists have been posted for Dance and Electronic, Metal and Hardcore, Folk and Country, and, as of this morning, our complete Pop and Rock. Last Thursday, we unveiled our favourite albums in Groove, but a list is never enough; we also examined the course that R&B and World music took in 2012.

First, we analyzed the year in music as seen through the prism that was Frank Ocean's Channel Orange: how it embodied trends that we saw elsewhere in the music industry, and what it said about the current state of R&B and hip-hop and urban culture.

We also compared PSY and Snoop Lion — seemingly disparate artists, perhaps, but ones that we argue evince current movements in, and perceptions of, World music. But, despite the global power of "Gangnam Style," PSY didn't make our year-end list... or did it?

Exclaim!'s Best of 2012 lists continue with Hip-Hop and Experimental albums this week, not to mention analyses of the year in Pop and Hip-Hop. Stay tuned.