Every Time I Die Ex Lives

Every Time I DieEx Lives
Every Time I Die are the rare band that manage to release distinct sounding albums while maintaining a recognizable thread running throughout. Their newest release, Ex Lives, finds the group returning to their chaotic roots, with more unrestrained riffs and micro-blast beats than on recent releases. The band break up the chaos with singer Keith Buckley's clean vocals, which are stronger than ever after a stint fronting the Damned Things. Though the stouter vocals have given the band more confidence for moments of melodic bombast, occasionally they sound out of place, as on "Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow," which could have been a strong point if not for the strange parts. But experimentation sometimes works, as stoner metal inspires album closer "Indian Giver," which fades out while Buckley croons, "So I make a vow to forget you." And while this might be a promise the band can make, there's no way that we'll be able to forget a group this good. (Epitaph)