EMPlicit Wolf/Sheep Arthouse, Victoria BC, September 12

EMPlicit Wolf/Sheep Arthouse, Victoria BC, September 12
Photo: Ashley Hampson
On Friday evening, tucked off the main stretch of Government Street at the start of Trounce Alley, arthouse Wolf/Sheep showcased resident DJ EMPlicit in their gallery space. Though the venue found listeners coming and going throughout the hour-long set, Wolf/Sheep's clientele is a loyal one, as evidenced by the amount of house artists taking pics and slinking backstage, and the number who readily sang praises for EMPlicit (Toni Hall).

Her so-called "fortress of solitude" — towering geometric shapes spattering the front stage and oscillating in colour — fit entirely with the eclectic street style of Wolf/Sheep and lent verve and cohesion to the entire operation. Deep bass punctuated a collaborative mash-up of ambient, experimental, house and hip-hop in an impressive set that seemed to satiate a crowd inclined to diversity. EMPlicit was so engrossed in the process of musical construction that the experience was heightened considerably, as though witnessing the creative process of music production first-hand through the eyes of a new DJ.

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