Silent So Long

EmigrateSilent So Long
The underlying flaw that hindered Emigrate's debut self-titled release back in 2007 was its similarity to Richard Kruspe's primary band, the industrial juggernaut Rammstein. While there were some fundamental differences between the two, the most notable tracks contained the very same crushing industrial riffs that have continuously served as the foundation for Rammstein's sound. Whether or not Kruspe consciously realized this, the sophomore release, Silent So Long, seeks to thwart further comparisons between the two, with Emigrate's sound transitioning into the ambiguous realm of alternative rock.

Silent So Long sees a tremendous amount of collaboration with numerous rock vocalists, such as Lemmy, Peaches and Jonathan Davis, to name a few. While the ambition is admirable, the extra talent, unfortunately, fails to deliver on the great expectations that one can't help but assume when they see the inclusion of such notable icons. This disappointing fact is most apparent during the track "Rock City" (featuring Lemmy), a song that might possibly be the most impotent track that one could hear the Motörhead frontman on. Ultimately, there is no unified direction, and the album comes off as a movie soundtrack, as the songs range so greatly in style that makes it difficult to maintain interest when listening from front to back. Regretfully, Emigrate once again present their work as a musical endeavour springing from idle hands during Rammstein's downtime rather than one born from passion and vision. (Spinefarm)
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