Emeralds' Mark McGuire Signs to Editions Mego, Preps New Solo Album for Fall Release

Emeralds' Mark McGuire Signs to Editions Mego, Preps New Solo Album for Fall Release
There's no denying this year has been a big one for Kraut-minded Clevelanders Emeralds. Not only did the band sign to the prestigious Editions Mego, but they released their Does It Look Like I'm Here?, an album of gorgeous kosmische wizardry that's guaranteed to land a spot on many a 2010 best-of list. Now fans have more to look forward to, as Emeralds guitar player and prolific solo artist Mark McGuire has announced he too has signed to Mego and will release a new record this fall.

Titled Living with Yourself, the record due out October 1, and will be pressed up on CD and limited-edition vinyl (1,000 copies). In a blog post, McGuire said of the new record, "Living With Yourself is a record that has been building in my mind for years now, and was recorded over a period of seven months in 2009. These songs were inspired by my family, the friends I've known the best throughout my life, and everything that has led me to where I am right now. Musically as well, I feel like all my CD-Rs and cassettes thus far have led up to making this record. Needless to say I'm very excited about this one!"

Mego goes on to describe the record as a "fine selection of modern-crafted guitar tunes" and "takes McGuire's sound even further out," saying it "contains some his most accomplished songs to date."

We're taking this all to mean an even better, headier selection of hypnotic Ashra-styled guitar pieces. But with the tracklist containing eight songs, we're also guessing McGuire's jams aren't of the 15-minute-plus variety like they have often been in the past. 

Pre-orders for Living with Yourself are already being taken on the Mego website here and will begin shipping out in early September.

In some related Mark McGuire news, Cylindrical Habitat Modules has reissued his 2008 Chondritic Sound cassette Off in the Distance. The LP is limited to 500 copies, so if you want one, you better order one ASAP here.

Oh, and keep an eye out for extensive North American tour from Emeralds, who are in the midst of planning an lengthy road trip that will include a pile of Canadian dates.

Living with Yourself:

1. "The Vast Structure Of Recollection"

2. "Around The Old Neighbourhood"

3. "Clouds Rolling In"

4. "Brain Storm (for Erin)"

5. "Two Different People"

6. "Moving Apart"

7. "Clear The Cobwebs"

8. "Brothers (for Matt)"