Emeralds' John Elliott Gives Imaginary Softwoods Project Deluxe Vinyl Reissue

Emeralds' John Elliott Gives Imaginary Softwoods Project Deluxe Vinyl Reissue
Being a fan of the Cleveland, OH-based progressive electronic trio Emeralds is an overwhelming, at times, frustrating exercise in completing your collection. Between their batch of releases and an endless amount of side-projects, the band's members are collectively sitting on a wealth of high-quality material. Fortunately, the more obscure pockets of that work are slowly getting reissued one album at a time, the latest being from Emeralds synth whiz John Elliott's Imaginary Softwoods project.

Imaginary Softwoods' self-titled debut was originally issued as a handmade triple-cassette. We can almost guarantee you don't have it, as it was limited to 150 copies. Thankfully, the album has been remastered and digitally restored, and will see the light of day on gatefold double vinyl via Digitalis.

The album features 12 untitled tracks on two LPs, as Elliott explores elements of drone, noise and neoclassical pieces that have drawn comparisons to Max Richter, Wolfgang Voigt and Kevin Drumm. The label explains, "One thing that immediately stands out with these pieces is just how restrained Elliot is with them. It adds considerable tension, even if it's understated, giving the album a surprising amount of emotional depth. Each piece is its own miniature mountain, traversed and left behind, all in a matter of minutes."

Imaginary Softwoods is available for order now. Digitalis is already sold out of the release, but if you move fast you can still grab the release over at Boomkat, where you can also hear some song clips.

Thanks to FACT for the heads-up.