Electric Wizard

Time to Die

Electric WizardTime to Die
Let's just get this out of the way: Time To Die does not hold a candle to Electric Wizard's cult-classic Dopethrone. In the 14 years since that record was released, the band have gone through a bad trip of line-up changes and a variety of variations on doom, having yet to create anything to rival their masterpiece's brilliance.

It should be of some note, then, that the drummer from that era, Mark Greening, returned to the fold to record Time To Die, though his presence on this record is mostly just symbolic (and he promptly left afterward). Electric Wizard are a very different band now — they might not be able to recreate their landmark record, but they've learned from it and everything else they've done. Where their last record, Black Masses, sped, this record swings. Songs like "I Am Nothing" find grooves through ego-annihilating guitarwork and revel in them. (Spinefarm)
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