Drophead vs. Silent Land Time Machine

From Ashes Comes the Day

Drophead vs. Silent Land Time MachineFrom Ashes Comes the Day
Continuing a seemingly endless winning spree, Austin's Holodeck imprint releases another solid salvo of sonic glory with this intense collaborative LP from Montreal's Eric Craven (Drophead, member of Constellation Records ensembles HRSTA and Hangedup) and Austin's Jonathan Slade (Silent Land Time Machine, co-founder of Holodeck). Craven — who played drums in his Constellation days — attacks an effects-laden guitar with what at times is a percussive flair, while Slade produces harmonious clouds of smoky viola.

Together they emanate a joyful noise. From Ashes Comes the Day is a single piece of music created from interwoven ideas that are paraded across the sensory field like sonic vignettes. The music unfurls across two sides of vinyl in emotive bursts that are at times barely detectable and at others devastatingly present. The collaborative spirit that these two share, given that they reside over 3000 km from each other, is invigorating. That Slade and Craven are focused on a stunning vision of how they want to present their music comes across loud and clear on this gorgeous slab of wax. (Holodeck)
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