​Drake's Face Was All over Spotify and Paid Subscribers Are Upset

So offended that they had to double check
​Drake's Face Was All over Spotify and Paid Subscribers Are Upset
If you haven't heard, Drake released Scorpion last week. Spotify celebrated the occasion by splashing the Toronto rapper's face all over its streaming platform — but not everyone is thrilled.
A number of subscribers have complained to Spotify, claiming that their paid subscription is supposed to eliminate ads. They've argued that declaring it #ScorpionSZN and making Drake's image appear on most of the service's editorial playlists (even ones his music didn't appear on) qualifies as excessive promotion.
A rep for Spotify told Billboard that it's the first time an artist has taken over multiple Spotify playlists on the same day — including playlists like "Best of British" and "Happy Pop Hits."
And that's before even taking social media into account.
Users who weren't feeling the Drake love (or the editorial overtaking by a service designed to streamline suggestions tailored to each customer) have since complained to customer service reps at Spotify to varying degrees of success.
One Redditor shared his experience, explaining that he had demanded a refund and was reimbursed for his most recent payment. See a transcript of his chat with a customer service rep here.
Others have reportedly been less successful, and an official Drake-related refund policy has not been put in place.
See some other complaints below.
Unfortunately, those threatening to leave Spotify for Apple Music are probably in for a rude awakening.

Despite the controversy, Spotify and Apple Music listeners alike have been streaming Scorpion like mad. The album broke the record for the most streams in a week — in just three days. Pre-order Scorpion on CD via Umusic.