Drake Is Retiring Meek Mill Diss Track "Back to Back"

Drake Is Retiring Meek Mill Diss Track "Back to Back"
Drake diss tracks have been in no short supply these past few years, but in seemingly turning over a new, less petty leaf this year, the rapper is looking to leave the Meek Mill-targeting "Back to Back" behind in 2016.

Having spent New Year's Eve performing at Las Vegas's Hakkasan Nightclub, the Canadian hip-hop icon explained his reasoning in a clip that has surfaced from the evening.

"If people do the most left-field, fucked-up shit to try and tear you down, you still gotta win no matter what," he reasons in the snippet. "That's the whole key about this shit. So I'ma do this song, and this is the last time I'm ever going to do this song…Winning by any means."

"Back to Back" arrived in July of 2015 following accusations from Meek Mill that Drake didn't write his own raps, but those obvious jabs did little to sabotage his winning ways.

Of course, Drake has already decided that 2017 is about More Life, which is expected to arrive this year. You can find the clip of "Back to Back" being retired in the player below.