Dr. Pepper Responds To Axl Rose

Dr. Pepper Responds To Axl Rose
Chinese Democracy's release may have come and gone, but Gun N' Roses' saga with Dr. Pepper wages on. Following a GN'R lawyer's letter to the soft drink company, Dr. Pepper has now issued a statement of its own about the free soda stunt, which Axl and co. call "a complete fiasco."

"We are disappointed that GN'R's lawyers are turning a fun giveaway into a legal dispute," Dr. Pepper said in a statement, according to Rolling Stone. "We simply commented on the delayed release of Chinese Democracy and openly encouraged the band to release it before the end of the year. Axl even expressed support for our efforts earlier in the year."

As previously reported, Dr. Pepper promised it would give every person in the U.S. (minus Slash and Buckethead) a free can of soda if GN'R released Chinese Democracy in 2008. However, when it came time to pay up, Dr. Pepper ran into trouble dolling out the soda, which has since led to a deadline extension, a toll-free number dedicated to the promotion and coupons that extend well past Chinese Democracy's November 23 release date.

"This was one of the largest responses we have ever received for a giveaway" the statement continued "and we're happy we were able to satisfy the thirst of so many Dr. Pepper fans. We wish Guns N' Roses the best with their album."

However, Rolling Stone reports that nowhere in the statement does it say "sorry" - a word Axl Rose's legal camp desperately wants to hear. In fact, they want to hear it so badly that they've demanded Dr. Pepper take out full-page apologies in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal for what the letter calls an "unmitigated disaster which defrauded customers."