DJ Vadim Don't Be Scared

DJ VadimDon't Be Scared
London-/Berlin-/NYC-based producer, DJ and performer DJ Vadim returns with what seems like his millionth record, Don't Be Scared, on BBE Recordings. Vadim's internationalism is the main attraction on Don't Be Scared. Bollywood vocal phrases are screwed deftly on the track "Bally Umar" and UK Dancehall party starter Serocee gives a distinctly Jah flavour to "Van Vaow," all underpinned by Vadim's signature broken beats and regular con-conspirator Yarah Bravo, as well as a wealth of new British vocalists. But it;s the mixed bag nature of Don't Be Scared that is its downfall: a lack of consistency leads to the album sounding more like a DJ set than a cohesive record. If Vadim spent more time in the studio (he apparently plays 180 club sets a year) than on the decks, this could have been averted. (BBE)