DJ Shadow Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow

DJ ShadowReconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow
Best of compilations are a strange beast. Often cynically released as a cash-grab by a record label to plug the gaps between the release of new material, or as a retrospective once new material has run out, they are an especially weird concept in the days of easy downloads and cheap streaming subscriptions. That said, Reconstructed is more thoughtfully put together than most. Consisting of a range of tracks selected from across DJ Shadow's two-decade career, including several rare tracks, extended versions and two previously unreleased tracks in "Listen" and "Won't You Be". The album is also available as part of a box set that includes all four of Shadow's studio albums to date, a live set recorded in Glasgow, UK and the In Tune and On Time DVD. Reconstructed is a comprehensive and well-curated collection that showcases the diversity and talent of this exceptional California turntablist and producer. (Universal Music Enterprises)