Sanity Decays

DiscourseSanity Decays
Closed Casket Activities have a gift for those whose heads are hung due to Foundation's relative inactivity: Discourse. On their debut full-length, Sanity Decays, the straight edge, '90s metalcore-indebted South Carolinians bend malleable metal influences together with forward thinking hardcore, resulting in the sound Turmoil perfected 16 years ago. And although they're at their strongest when staring back at Philadelphia's finest, this is no mere rehash, as the band also touch on influences like Unbroken, Indecision and Snapcase in the process.
The band do mine Discourse's own back catalogue though, as three songs present are re-recordings of previously released work. That's not a bad thing, though — the polish job revitalizes the tracks, whose quality is neck-and-neck with the newer material. It's just a shame they didn't choose to bring back "Commit to the Flames," complete with its off-time breakdown.
The sound of this South Carolinian band is metalcore in the purest sense. When the smoke clears, Discourse will be standing strong atop a solid foundation of metallic hardcore, both past and present. (Closed Casket Activities)
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